Disease & Insect Programs

When grubs and insects devour your lawn’s root system, the result can be dull, dead patches. Protect the natural beauty of your yard with state-of-the arts services from ProLawn.

  • Targeted control for damaging grubs & insects
  • Treatments for chinch bugs, armyworms, billbugs, and other predators
  • Professional treatment for your toughest problems

An emphasis on prevention

They key to the success of our service lies in our strategic, year-round plan for pest control. By disrupting insects before they wreck havoc, we can address problems before they arise. Already have problems? We’ll remediate them first, and then develop the right long-term plan for future prevention.

ProLawn can diagnose and provide treatment for lawn diseases. There are a number of diseases which attack lawn grasses. Some symptoms of disease include brown or straw colored patches, discolored spots on the grass blades, black stripes on the grass blades, wilting, and pink colored thread-like strands on the lawn.

Are you tired of those brown spots in your lawn during the summer months?

More than likely that is due to a disease or a damaging insect. The weather is constantly changing and these fluctuations cause stress to your lawn. Instead of waiting for these problems to occur, our preventative programs can be the answer.”

A commitment to results

Don’t let insect damage destroy your lawn. At ProLawn, we eliminate damaging intruders with safe, environmentally sensitive treatments.

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